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Best dental plan is humana dental plans for seniors

Humana dental plans for seniors an agency that provides specialized dental services in implant dentistry With implantable implants and removable dental implants, or the entire dental implant attached to the implant The dentist will design the implant number.

  • And the type of artificial teeth suitable for each patient Advantages of implantation The implant is able to replace the natural tooth root that has been withdrawn. 
  • The dentist can make artificial teeth directly on the implant. Without having to fasten the natural teeth that are attached to the gaps that require artificial teeth And artificial teeth .

That are fixed on the implant have the natural occlusion efficiency In addition, the Rio ET Thiamine Dental Center is also a unit that provides teaching and learning services to dental students after degree and research services related to implants.

Consists of 5 important parts:

Brushing room  Consists of a 12-tooth brushing bath with a brush set.

To make the service recipients know and practice to clean the mouth

Open for

– Dental students

– Postgraduate students

– Dentist / Teacher

– Individuals who want to receive services


Health consultation room 

Divided into 4 rooms to provide oral health counseling services And general health problems by diagnosis from dentists

Dental unit  

Consisting of 9 units

– To promote research for teachers and dentists In the presentation of research results

– Use of Intra Oral Camera for 9 dentists / dental students And service recipients Can see the oral condition actually For use in treatment planning


Is a laboratory for

– Check the condition of resistance to acidity in the mouth from saliva to patients To examine the risk of oral disease

– Using a microscope For the determination of microbial counts from saliva To assess the risk of oral diseases From the amount and type of microorganisms that occur to patients

Health Promotion Room  

There are 3 electric massage chairs allocated to relieve pain, muscle and body structure due to work for faculty personnel.