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Dental Help trainer for many decades is that people show up differently listening with different ears with a different level of openness when an engagement when you pop.

Them out of Dental Help their normal environment you notice when you have team meetings routinely in the same space over and over and over again people sit in the same chairs they go straight to the same chair every time and that shows you how habitual and how defined that all gets so

Dental Help
Dental Help

What we want to do is break that break that routine break that because people then when that when that cycle gets broken they now don’t know what to expect they are listening differently because .

They’re intuitively their body says this is different I better listen up you know just just some things are triggered that you don’t get in the normal setting so select someplace off-site the more creative the better with the only requirement being that there must be a space within

The venue to have a meeting so for example we’ve done these retreats in climbing gyms in adventure parks we’ve done many of them at the Wild Animal Park here in San Diego near San Diego near where I live which is really fun to combine with the lioness principle of course but in .

All of those cases we’ve done on that wineries we’ve done them at cooking schools we’ve done them at racetracks I mean we have we just we’ve done them at rib plane resorts is nice resort but we select a location that has some either a pavilion or a room or something where we can have .

A meeting but then we can use the space to accomplish one of the requirements of the retreat so the requirements of the retreat or the agenda of the retreat is we usually start with and I would suggest if your listeners are thinking about putting together this annual retreat for their company.

that they would consider hiring a professional facilitator to help them not only to organize it but to what to facilitate it because a professional facilitator who knows how to do as well we’ll keep you on track keep you from you know chasing rabbits down the rabbit holes and getting off track they will also help maintain some emotional stability so if a hot spot whether we call a hot spot emotionally pops up