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Great dental help wasn’t clear enough we start taking pas and we find  dental help wonderful opportunity look at their room between these teeth excellent opportunity this is a site where you can do one dental help here even three you can get a lot of micro sto perforations done in these areas here so we’re not going to go too far back because of the sinus you can get one over.

dental help
dental help

dental help here you could put two or three right here certainly we can look at the lateral being tucked back you have opportunity to work in there you can get a couple over here dental help there will be access for you just take advantage of all of the opportunities that you have to deliver a technique.

that can help her get her teeth in place faster so obviously she’s going to be interested in in the acceleration most of the patients that we talk to about clear aligner therapy are excited to have it it’s kind of gentle it’s comfortable all those good things but then when you can do it in a reduced amount of time well there’s a bigger benefit so here we have a nice representation of .

where she is we’ll press play give you an idea of what the twenty three aligners are gonna look like so we’re gonna have twenty-three aligners to get that change from here to here we’re looking at some reasonable kind of expanding and shaping of the arch so we’re gonna do that for her then we’re gonna take the

lower and press play and get that organized with a little bit of expanding and shaping not as much expanding because the lowers got a little cross by an activity going on so we have more expanding of the upper arch to get itself outside of the lower arch and if we take a look at the anterior picture we’ll go right ahead and press play and watch what happens to the anterior we’re going to get expect some midlife

shift there for her to welcome tooth number ten into the party and certainly by the time we’re done we should have solved a lot of that malocclusion for her so it’s a little.