Dental plan Strategies For Beginners

Dental plan Strategies For Beginners

 Dental plan in order  to lose it and and I’d forget and you  know that’s awkward so ppo dental plans for individuals I got to keep the lights you got to  have good light for decent video so I had to ditch the glasses  hopefully I  don’t look too weird I can see I have like twenty thirty in dental and eye insurance one eye on and the other so it’s kind of mostly for  computer screens and driving although I’m .

Dental plan

completely best ppo dental insurance  used to them now so everything’s a little fuzzy but not a big deal all right  so today’s topic is rather near and dear to my heart my wife of years affordable dental and vision insurance has been a dental hygienist for years so this topic comes up around the table  around the house all the time today I’m going to talk about our dental insurance [Music] all right so dental .

insurance now before I go into it best ppo dental insurance I just want to say that  last month’s subject while there really wasn’t a subject matter expert I did use the information that a and IH Rd put together on the website I did the research so I guess in essence affordable dental and vision insurance I was the  subject matter expert but thanks to HR D for putting together the information now this month .

again I’m doing the research but I want to  dental and eye insurance give a shout out to Karen Williams of egi because I got a lot of the  information from her training so our dental coverage first of all it’s by Delta Dental as you probably know and there’s basically two packages  dental insurance for seniors you can get you can get preventative preventive dental and you can get optional dental.

  preventative is required if you have state health insurance okay so you have to have it so if you have the health insurance you have it okay now optional you have to have the preventative to get the optional okay now another thing is  you don’t have to have the insurance best ppo dental insurance to get these packages okay so if you for some reason don’t have the .

state of Wyoming health insurance if your spouse has better insurance  Dental plan which I’d be surprised but maybe that’s case you can still buy these packages okay now  Dental plan  one  thing to keep in mind when you’re a new employee if you don’t buy these in the first days there’s gonna be a