Dental and vision insurance for retirees

Dental and vision insurance for retirees Regular inspections are semi-annual and insurance reimbursement. If you have a German public security, you should keep checking every six Dental and vision insurance for retirees months and have the dentist stamp the Bonusheft.

The insurance will be given to Bonus, so if you need to do denture, the insurance will take up to 30%.

Why are there no toothaches to check? Many friends ask this question.  dental health knowledge is not yet popular in China. Many people think that toothache is a problem with teeth.

In fact, most dental diseases are chronic (chronisch). For example, Karies, the patient often asks me with doubts. I have never had a toothache in recent years, and I have no symptoms.

I have not come. Why does this suddenly break my teeth? Because cavities are often chronic, bacteria slowly spread and erode in the teeth. Some people are sensitive.

They can feel toothache at first. This is fortunate, but most people even have tooth decay that has spread to the nerves. The roots are gone, they can’t feel it. When the teeth were almost corroded, they realized that there was a problem when they broke.

Another example is periodontitis. Many young Chinese also have periodontitis. About the periodontitis, I will open a topic next time.

I want to say that most periodontitis is chronic inflammation and is silent. 99% of patients with periodontitis I have seen are chronic.

Many patients don’t look at their teeth for a long time. When the teeth are loose, they ask. When the film is taken, the alveolar bone has absorbed and degraded, and the teeth are basically not in the gums.

This way the teeth will continue to loosen and fall. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular inspections and take a dental examination if necessary.